Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Open Letter of Apology

Dear Cute Chick I saw on the train today

I'm sorry if I offended you when I walked by earlier, as crap an excuse as it is I was a trying to build up the nerve to say "hello", but by the time I had I guess I was too little, too late. I didn't mean to upset you.
I had a rather crap day, all told, and found myself on an insanely roundabout journey that had me pass by my actual stop twice before I was able to get off, but those moments I caught you staring at me, for whatever reason, good or bad, helped make my day a little brighter. Of course, I didn't take that as an immediate "Oh my god, she wants me!" kind of thing, that would be ridiculous, but I liked your smile and thought that maybe, just maybe, if I could build up the will perhaps I could have said something, and upon standing up and walking by I did see you turn with me and I swear I wanted to speak, but for some reason that part of me just shut the fuck down... I'm a fool and if I could go back and make myself man-up I would.
I know this is pretty much meaningless speculation on an entirely mundane event, but I like to think, to hope, that perhaps it might have had a deeper meaning. It really did make my day to see you and if by some miracle our paths should cross again I promise I will say something.

It has been a truly weird day...